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Search Intent Services

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    Search Intent Services

    The “Why” Behind the Search

    When developing content for your brand, it is essential that you know not only what people are searching for, but why they are searching. If you want to improve your rank - and you do because it means more traffic and opportunities for conversion - you need to understand search intent. Even if searchers use similar language, they may be looking for very different things. It’s up to you to discover their intent. And it’s up to us to get you there.

    Connect With The Right People

    What is the intent behind a search? Do they want to learn something? Go somewhere? Buy something? When you have the answers to these questions, you have the key to improving search rankings, driving traffic, and generating conversions.

    Keep Your Audience Engaged

    Search engines want to deliver the most targeted, relevant results possible. When you offer on-page content that aligns with search intent, you not only get more people to your site… you keep them there.

    Be Relevant

    There is no room for irrelevancy in today’s saturated business world. You have to stand out, and one remarkably effective way to do this is through your on-site content. Through our intensive search intent discovery process, we give you the insights, strategies, guidance, and hands-on deployment you need to become the most authoritative – and most relevant – voice out there.

    Think Like A Search Engine

    Create content for people – but think like Google. Their increasingly sophisticated algorithms seek to go beyond the literal meaning of search terms to intuit their intent. Our experienced team works with you to gain insight into search intent. The search could be:

    • Transactional (purchase)
    •  Investigatory (product information/reviews)
    • Informational (research)
    • Navigational (shortcut to a known website)
    • Location (details for physical location)

    When you understand the search intent, you can align your content to meet the needs of your audience.

    Find the Why

    Search intent discovery is one of the most critical aspects of any on-site content effort – and in fact, any SEO initiatives you are undertaking. Reposition delivers by:

    • Interpreting data from click-through-rates, SERP features, linguistic cues, and other sources to determine search intent
    • Incorporating targeted keywords that align with the intent
    • Ensuring content aligns with search intent
    • Aligning content to your business goals

    We will show you how to get to the “why” – and implement effective strategies that yield results.

    Your Intent?

    To increase visibility. To earn the trust and loyalty of your audience. To establish yourself as the authority in your space. To grow your business. If these are your intentions, then our search intent discovery process will empower you to achieve them. If you understand – and strategise around – search intent, you not only draw more qualified leads to your landing pages, you ensure that they do not have to navigate to multiple websites to find the answers they need.

    As search algorithms become more and more sophisticated, it becomes more and more important to go beyond simple keywords. It is imperative that your keywords reflect search intent. And you can only do this by gaining a deep understanding of your audience and their needs. With our insights, you will get there.

    Begin With Discovery
    Data Driven Insights

    Data Driven Insights

    Reposition takes the guesswork out of search intent; using data from multiple sources, as well as our industry-leading insight, our team guides your team to success.

    Organic Search Visibility

    Organic Search Visibility

    Visibility and high rankings in the search engine results pages are mission-critical. By accurately understanding user intent, you gain a sharp edge on the competition.

    Targeted Content

    Targeted Content

    Tailor your content so it aligns with search intent, whether transactional, navigational, informational, investigatory, or location. Give your visitors what they need to take the next steps.

    Better Keyword Strategies

    Better Keyword Strategies

    The right keywords help you improve visibility and build your audience. With RePosition, you don’t have to guess: you will know which terms to use for results.

    More Compelling CTAs

    More Compelling CTAs

    You want visitors to take the next steps with your brand. So tell them exactly what to do. Knowing their intent allows you to guide them along the buyer’s journey.

    Positive ROI

    Positive ROI

    Achieve a solid return on investment by honing in on search intent and leveraging effective SEO and on-site content techniques.

    Align Content to Queries

    Search intent discovery ultimately comes down to this simple fact: if you know what your audience wants and needs – if you know the “why” – then you can give it to them. In doing so, you will draw more relevant leads to your website, and once they are there, you have more opportunities to convert them. Aligning content to queries establishes you as the one-stop resource they need for answers, guidance, advice, or to make a purchase. As a result, they will spend more time on-page – which both gives you more time to convert them and is a strong ranking factor for Google. The benefits are many… isn’t it time to take advantage of them?

    For Change

    With our data-driven insights and keen industry knowledge, you will have the tools you need to significantly transform your on-site content and SEO initiatives. Knowing what your audience wants, and being able to deliver, is critical to success. Our goal is to ensure that you realize the results you need to grow your business. Contact the Reposition team today to learn more about search intent and leveraging insights into action.

    Begin With Discovery

    Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

    Funded Startups and Brand Building

    Enterprise website restructuring and traffic retention strategies are a specialised of our UK-based digital marketing company. Hugo Boss are one of many brands we have consulted over the past 15 years. Company structures change and stakeholders need this reflected within brand strategy. If your internal marketing team needs help ensuring a restructure doesn't lead to catastrophic ranking and traffic loss then get in touch.

    Website Restructuring & Ranking/Traffic Retention

    High impact link acquisition strategy and delivery you can count on from the UK's leading SEO Company In UK. Building a strong link profile or adding to an existing profile can be a resource hungry and tedious task. If your internal team are struggling to build links at scale then get in touch. Our internal team of outreach specialists are able to scale up within 30 days. From outreach to negotiation to content writing and editorial - we can handle as much or as little as you need.

    Outreach, Digital PR & Content Publishing

    Cryptocurrency, finance and banking strategies you can rely on. We understand the need for careful content curation and the intricacies of regulated sectors. Strategies for these sectors can be complicated and areas such as paid ads for cryptocurrency and crypto wallets can extremely difficult to navigate. Our in-house team of SEO experts can guarantee to get your ads live, content published and links built. Contact us if you are struggling.

    Cryptocurrency, Crypto Wallet, Finance and Banking Solutions

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    You deserve better!

    Search Intent - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the search intent?

    Search intent refers to the purpose by which someone does an online search.

    Why search intent matters

    It’s important by the purpose of knowing and being aware of what people are searching online, and create opportunities to drive more traffic and conversions.

    How to understand searcher's intent?

    There are lot of tools which helps you in this plus you can analyse the SERP to better understand what users are looking for and target the most used keywords and search terms.