SEO Audit London

A Closer Look at Your Potential

Growth and improvement - it’s what every single business owner in the country wants, and at Reposition, we can help make it possible with our SEO audit services. With an unbiased look at your digital marketing performance to date, we’ll help you understand where the greatest opportunities might be and where you’re currently missing the chance to connect with customers. Our digital marketing consultants can help you renew your strategy with advanced SEO audit to develop a success plan.

Expert Insight

At Reposition, our digital marketing experts work with companies in a variety of different fields to offer a deeper look at what’s working for your company right now. With a complete evaluation process, you’ll find a digital marketing SEO audit that takes the process just a bit further, including an analysis of both your vertical and your competitors so you know what’s going to work.

Meet Your Business Objectives

After we’ve had a chance to get to know your company, we’ll give you feedback that is directly tied to your company’s goals, ensuring you have a chance to move forward on your terms. Digital marketing success is just around the corner for your company, and with our SEO audit, you can make it more possible than ever.

A Customised Process

An SEO audit should never be a cookie-cutter process. Instead, it should fit the needs of your company. You know the challenges that face your company and those that you’ve faced in the world of digital marketing, too. We’ll use that knowledge to assess your brand and balance your needs with your pain points.

Analysing Your Performance

The most important piece of the SEO audit happens when we take digital marketing data from your previous marketing efforts. We use information from Google Analytics and a number of other spaces to help us understand what your current digital marketing plan has delivered and what you really want from your marketing efforts. When you work with Reposition, you can expect

  • A Complete SEO Audit
  • A Personalised Reporting Process
  • Conclusive Recommendations

Your digital marketing dollars should be carefully spent, and our work can help you focus on what might work for you.

Analysing Your Competitors

As essential as understanding your company is to our SEO audit process, a closer look at your vertical and your direct competitors is just as important. We’ll do a deep dive to identify opportunities your competitors may already be considering and find those digital marketing spaces where you can easily outperform them. We’ll consider

  • Audience
  • SEO Audit & On-Site Techniques
  • PPC Work

And much more to help you apply your budget intelligently and increase your performance.

Your Goals

More than half of all shoppers use a search engine to research products and services they intend to buy. Digital marketing matters more than ever, and both your site and your sales numbers, and a digital marketing audit can help you attract more potential buyers and shorten the sales cycle.

Digital marketing audits are the perfect way to identify both large and small opportunities that could have a considerable influence on the number of customers you reach on a regular basis. Contact Reposition today to identify what could change the way your company invests in digital marketing and stay ahead of the competition.


They must be able to find you if you’re going to increase your sales numbers, and our optimisation work can help make that happen. With a focus on both on and off-page numbers, you’ll find higher rates of targeted traffic visiting your site on a regular basis.

Local SEO

Those searching for nearby businesses turn to search engines more than any other tool. In fact, searches that involve terms like “close to me” have increased by 900% over the last two years. Let us help those customers find your business right away.


Organic optimisation cannot do the trick alone. Instead, paid search should always be part of the digital marketing equation, and we can help make that happen with better ads, more testing, and the results that you’ll want to see to ensure you’re getting the best possible investment.

Digital PR

Reaching online customers requires a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that can be a challenge to develop. Our digital PR work can fit seamlessly with your current marketing plan and ensure you reach customers and make it far easier to connect.

Ecommerce SEO

Companies looking to do business online have access to many different potential channels to create more sales, but not every channel is the right way forward. We’ll help you take a closer look at what really works within your vertical for brand engagement.

Social Media

You need to be able to reach out to your audience in real time, and our social media work can help you do just that. We’ll not only analyse where your audience is most likely to be, but we’ll also develop a strategy that works for every one of your channels.

Transform Your Approach

Awareness, branding, sales numbers – those are the only things you measure in marketing, right? Wrong. Digital marketing is about so much more. It’s an incredible opportunity that can spell meaningful business outcomes outside of those more traditional goals. Getting there, though, may mean changing your approach, and Reposition can help you get there with a digital marketing audit.

A closer look at your current digital marketing approach means understanding how to keep your company visible and relevant so you can attract the new business you need to ensure your company can grow well into the future. Our audit process can help you get it right, push quality leads to your site, and help you convert more customers with a stronger digital marketing.

Remain vigilant with a closer look at what is happening and what could be happening. Contact Reposition today for a digital marketing audit.

See the

If you’re interested in the difference a digital marketing audit could make for your company, contact us today. We’ll walk through what an audit involves and how it could change everything for you.

Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our SEO Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

Funded Startups and Brand Building

Enterprise website restructuring and traffic retention strategies are a specialism of our SEO Company. Hugo Boss are one of many brands we have consulted over the past 15 years. Company structures change and stakeholders need this reflected within brand strategy. If your internal marketing team needs help ensuring a restructure doesn't lead to catastrophic ranking and traffic loss then get in touch.

Website Restructuring & Ranking/Traffic Retention

High impact link acquisition strategy and delivery you can count on from the UK's leading SEO Company. Building a strong link profile or adding to an existing profile can be a resource hungry and tedious task. If your internal team are struggling to build links at scale then get in touch. Our internal team of outreach specialists are able to scale up within 30 days. From outreach to negotiation to content writing and editorial - we can handle as much or as little as you need.

Outreach, Digital PR & Content Publishing

Cryptocurrency, finance and banking strategies you can reply on. We understand the need for careful content curation and the intricacies of regulated sectors. Strategies for these sectors can be complicated and areas such as paid ads for cryptocurrency and crypto wallets can extremely difficult to navigate. Our in-house team of SEO experts can guarantee to get your ads live, content published and links built. Contact us if you are struggling.

Cryptocurrency, Crypto Wallet, Finance and Banking Solutions

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SEO Audit - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO audit?

A SEO audit is a website test to boost your organic search results. With advanced equipment or a professional SEO manager, SEO audit may be done to identify potential problems.

How often should you get an SEO audit?

You should perform an annual SEO audit of your website.

What are the benefits of an SEO audit?

An SEO audit can identify technical problems and issues that can affect your site’s search engine efficiency and reduce your site’s potential traffic. They can also do a number of other things including identify openings for content, deepen your knowledge of your website, understand the new profile of your backlinks, improve user interface and connectivity, increase rankings for keywords, increase organic traffic on your website, increase conversions through leading or promotional sales, establish a sleeping sales source that usually requires less investment than other marketing channels, and understand what content search engines are actually seeing.