Voice Search Optimisation

Beat the Voice Search Curve

Surveys suggest that voice search will account for nearly half of all searches conducted over the next year. And voice search optimisation strategy can make thing easier. Is your site voice search optimised? What is your strategy for this new brand of search? What makes this form of search so unique and different? Don’t worry. Our voice search optimisation services can help you develop an approach that will help put you at the top of the voice search rankings and ensure the traffic finds you.

Strategy Designed for You

Our agency offers a voice search optimisation strategy specifically designed for your company. We'll take a careful look at your content and your customers to come up with an approach that might work well for both of you.

Voice Search Experts

Voice search isn't an old technology, and few companies know quite how to approach optimisation. At Reposition, though, we're voice search optimisation experts, and we're ready to help you build a friendlier site!

Decoding Voice Search Optimisation

The idea of voice search optimisation strategy is a fairly easy one to understand. It means ensuring that the content on your site, both from a visual and technical perspective, are easy to find for those using smart technologies.

Smarter with Every Search

Voice searches are powered by artificial intelligence, and every time another voice search takes place, that artificial intelligence gets a little smarter. With voice search optimisation, we’ll help your site show up in those searches in a number of different ways. Here are a few:

  • Adding long-tail keywords that address how your audience speaks about your business.
  • Addressing site load times because mobile users want immediate results.
  • Building content that answers users questions on a conversational level.
  • Testing every update we make on different devices customers might use.

We know voice search is affecting your business right now. We have the strategy for voice search optimisation, that can ensure your website’s visibility.

A Local Focus

If you’re going to optimise for voice, you have to focus on local. Wondering why? Studies have shown that nearly a quarter of all voice-based searches are for local information. Our voice search optimisation strategy works to make those searches as fast and easy as possible. We handle this task by using:

  • Phrases customers use to describe your location.
  • Local tags wherever possible on your site.
  • References to landmarks around your business.
  • Content that refers to the names of local institutions near you.

The last thing you want is missing and inaccurate data for customers who are ready to walk through the door in the next few hours. Our team will help make certain any voice search involving your business leads to a potential customer walking through your door!

The Future
Is Voice

Voice search optimisation is here now. We’ll create unique content and deploy tested strategies that help you reach the customers who are saying “Okay, Google” right now. Our wide range of services not only includes voice search help, though. We have the digital marketing products you need to see continual improvement in your rankings across the board.

Leverage the power of voice search and get a shot at the top spot by working with Reposition. We’ll talk about how to optimise every aspect of your site and ensure that voice search customers are finding you now.

Mobile First World

Most people aren’t using their desktop computers for voice search. We know it’s a mobile first world, and everything we do is designed to look great on any device your customers may be using.

Wearables and Smart Technology

Smart speakers, devices, and wearables are driving voice search numbers higher than ever before, and we’re ready to address that with the knowledge and skills necessary to help customers find you.

Natural Language Processing

Voice search relies on natural language processing technology, and our optimisation techniques build that into the picture so your customers can not only find you through this kind of search, but understand the results as well.

Business Listings

If you haven’t already updated your business listings, it’s time to do that if you’re going to optimise for voice. We’ll help you identify the business listings that need to be addressed and get the right content out there.

Device Load Times

Those using voice search are less patient than those in front of a device. We’ll help you keep the load times on every page to a minimum so that customers find your information faster and are more likely to select your site.

Local Content

Most customers using voice enabled searches are looking for content near them. We’ll help to optimise your content so that it’s local to your company. This can mean more customers walking through the door on the same day!

Growing Your Presence

Technology is going to continue changing, and conducting a search by saying “Hey Alexa”  is only the latest shift. Sure, it’s futuristic, but it’s also incredibly convenient for your customers and no matter how you look at it, voice search is an aspect you have to add in to your marketing campaign.

Get ready to rank higher, earn more site traffic, and increase your revenue with an online makeover designed specifically to target those customers who are using their voice to find your business. Reposition can help.

Campaign Success

Optimising for voice isn’t like optimising for any other type of search. Let us help adjust your content and the picture behind the scenes so you can reach those customers who may not find you as they run their next voice search. Learn more when you contact us today.

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Voice Search Optimisation - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is a technology for voice recognition that helps people to carry out searches by speaking to a computer, mobile device, or a home assistant device. Over the past few years, Google voice search queries have grown exponentially, so recognising these trends and integrating them into your digital marketing strategy is essential.

Why Voice Search SEO Matters to Business Owners?

If your digital marketing strategy directly influences your company’s success, understand that your digital marketing strategy is directly influenced by voice search today. As a result, voice search patterns eventually impact your firm. How much you adjust your approach to this shifting environment helps determine whether or not this will yield positive or negative outcomes for your company.
Voice search is on the rise, and the latest mobile-first index from Google has just been released. It bases rankings on a website’s smartphone edition rather than the laptop edition. Thanks to this technology, organisations need to adjust to the changing digital environment. Exact match domains and other black hat SEO techniques are no longer going to cut it. Voice search increases the user interface of search engines and offers more detailed performance. This means that if the content of your website is configured (especially for mobile use) efficiently, your organisation might be the first one recommended by a digital personal assistant.

How do you measure success for voice search?

There are a variety of ways to assess your progress in voice search, but extrapolating possible voice search requests from your data is the best way. You will do this by recognising what questions customers are asking like “What’s my area’s closest marketing agency? “These questions frequently show a verbal request, whereas shorter, more scattered phrases such as “marketing agency close to me” normally apply to a typed query.