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    Surveys suggest that voice search will account for nearly half of all searches conducted over the next year. And voice search optimisation strategy can make things easier. Is your site voice search optimised? What is your strategy for this new brand of search? What makes this form of search so unique and different? Don’t worry. Our voice search optimisation services can help you develop an approach that will help put you at the top of the voice search rankings and ensure the traffic finds you.

    Strategy Designed For You

    Our agency offers a voice search optimisation strategy specifically designed for your agency. We'll take a careful look at your content and your customers to come up with an approach that might work well for both of you.

    Voice Search Experts

    Voice search isn't an old technology, and few companies know quite how to approach optimisation. At Reposition, though, we're voice search optimisation experts, and we're ready to help you build a friendlier site!

    Explore Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation) Plans

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    £750 / month

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      5 Search Engine Result Page Analysis
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      5 Featured Snippet Query Research
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      Voice Keyword Research
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      Implementation of Schema
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      Image Optimisation
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      Heading Optimisation
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      Featured Snippet Testing
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      Content Guide Creation
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    £1000 / month

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      10 Search Engine Result Page Analysis
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      10 Featured Snippet Query Research
    • check
      Voice Keyword Research
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      Implementation of Schema
    • check
      Image Optimisation
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      Heading Optimisation
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      Featured Snippet Testing
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      2 Content Guide Creation
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    £1500 / month

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      15 Search Engine Result Page Analysis
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      15 Featured Snippet Query Research
    • check
      Voice Keyword Research
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      Implementation of Schema
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      Image Optimisation
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      Heading Optimisation
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      Featured Snippet Testing
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      3 Content Guide Creation

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    Decoding Voice SEO

    The idea of voice search optimisation strategy is a fairly easy one to understand. It means ensuring that the content on your site, both from a visual and technical perspective, are easy to find for those using smart technologies.

    Smarter with Every Search

    Voice searches are powered by artificial intelligence, and every time another voice search takes place, that artificial intelligence gets a little smarter. With voice search optimisation, we’ll help your site show up in those searches in a number of different ways. Here are a few:

    We know voice search optimisation is affecting your business right now. We have a strategy for voice search optimisation, that can ensure your website’s visibility.

    A Local Focus

    If you’re going to optimise for voice, you have to focus on local. Wondering why? Studies have shown that nearly a quarter of all voice-based searches are for local information. Our Voice SEO (voice search optimisation) strategy works to make those searches as fast and easy as possible. We handle this task by using:

    The last thing you want is missing and inaccurate data for customers who are ready to walk through the door in the next few hours. Our team will help make certain any voice search involving your business leads to a potential customer walking through your door!

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    Website Restructuring & Ranking/Traffic Retention

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    Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our SEO Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

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    With our Voice SEO services, your website will be optimised for voice searches. There has been a significant change in the way people search for information using voice search. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the website is optimised to meet the needs of users in this regard.

    What Is Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation) And How Does It Work?

    Voice SEO uses voice commands from the user to search for specific queries. It allows you to search for information by speaking.

    The voice search function relies on automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology to convert voice signals into text. This way, the device knows what you’re looking for and lists relevant results. The process of voice search is somewhat complex. An understanding of the basics can be helpful in optimising. Let’s take a look at how it works.

    • Search queries are filtered when spoken using voice search, removing any background noise.
    • Digital data is then generated from the sound waves.
    • For voice interpretation, digital data is transformed.
    • The relevant answers are retrieved from an outside source like Google.

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    How Is Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation) Different From Traditional Search?

    In contrast to traditional search, voice search utilises voice recognition technology. Simply speaking the search term and receiving the answers are very convenient for users.

    The key differences in Voice SEO in comparison to traditional search are:

    • Keywords used are more in conversation form.
    • These are used more in local search queries.
    • Clear precision is evident in the results listed.
    • From the user’s perspective, it is more convenient.
    • It provides faster results for users.

    Optimising Content For Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation)

    A website’s content is crucial. The increasing use of voice search makes it necessary to optimise content accordingly.

    To best optimise content for voice search:

    • A combination of question-form keywords and long-tail keywords should be targeted.
    • Local search results should be the focus.
    • Conversational language should be targeted in your content.
    • Optimising for mobile devices must be a priority. Compared to other devices, this device receives more traffic.
    • A good FAQ content section of the content should be present. It should provide accurate answers to all relevant questions.
    • Keywords and questions should be the focus throughout all of your content with a higher search volume.
    • Ranking for multiple keywords on the same page shouldn’t be attempted. The situation will become more challenging.
    • Very precise and informative content that answers the user’s questions should be a content focus. It should answer all types of questions, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘how’, ‘who’, ‘which’, and ‘why’.
    • Optimisation should take into account the target location.
    • The user’s speech patterns at all times should be at the forefront of optimisation.
    • Schema markup should be used.

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    The Importance of Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation)

    The use of voice search has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result of this increase, it is worthwhile to rank your website for voice search queries. In recent times, many users have become accustomed to saying their queries every day instead of typing them.

    Here are some reasons why Voice SEO is so important:

    • The use of voice search allows users to locate your website easily and increases your chances of ranking higher in search engines. In the case of a voice search query, exact answers are provided. As a result, your website is likely to receive an increase in traffic.
    • There is always a need for instant answers among users. In addition, voice search provides quick results. This can be accomplished by optimising the website or content.
    • The focus of voice search is on local search queries such as “near me”. By doing this, physical stores have the opportunity to attract more customers.
    • By optimising for voice search, you can increase your brand’s visibility which allows brand awareness to develop over time.
    • To remain competitive and effective, voice search optimisation is becoming increasingly important. Voice search is even used by children to enter queries on mobile devices.
    • Screen-based optimisation is essential. However, as search patterns change, matching what is trending becomes increasingly important.

    Importance Of  Trigger Words For Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation)

    When using voice search, individuals use trigger words more frequently. So, what are these trigger words that may help improve voice search rankings? Trigger words include ‘how’, ‘best’, ‘free’, ‘easy’, ‘when’, ‘what’, and ‘which’, among others. It is common for users to start their queries with such words when using voice search.

    Optimisation based on trigger words is therefore necessary. By adding these to the keywords, you’ll be able to frame more accurate question-form keywords.

    Question-form keywords and conversational content should be targeted for voice search optimisation. With the use of these trigger words, visibility can be increased.

    Challenges Faced In Voice SEO (Voice Search Optimisation)

    Optimising a website or content for voice search is not an easy task. Any site working to optimise for Voice search faces several challenges. Here are a few of them.

    • The search queries used can be too complex to handle.
    • Voice SEO search lists the most recent results. It is challenging to optimise for such queries.
    • Short keywords such as ‘play song’ and ‘new restaurant’ are difficult to rank for. For such keywords, ranking becomes challenging without specific direction from the user.
    • The results often depend on the target audience.
    • Users are eager to receive audio answers to their specific search queries. It becomes more difficult to optimise on this front.
    • Privacy becomes a concern while optimising voice search.
    • There is a huge amount of work involved in ranking different regional languages.
    • Understanding pronunciations and overcoming misunderstandings is not easy.

    Let Reposition Help You With Voice SEO (Voice Search SEO Services)!

    We can assist you with optimising your website for voice search. We have years of experience in the SEO field and understand the users’ perspective like no one else. We have a comprehensive understanding of how voice search technology works.

    Reposition can help you overcome challenges when it comes to voice search. If you are looking to optimise your content for voice search, we can help you accomplish this by conducting thorough keyword research and competitor analysis. By strategising for specific voice search queries, we can increase your ranking chances. Reach out to us for details on voice search SEO services!

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    Voice SEO Services - Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Voice Search?

    Voice search is a technology for voice recognition that helps people to carry out searches by speaking to a computer, mobile device, or a home assistant device. Over the past few years, Google voice search queries have grown exponentially, so recognising these trends and integrating them into your digital marketing strategy is essential.

    Why Voice Search SEO Matters To Business Owners?

    If your digital marketing strategy directly influences your company’s success, understand that your digital marketing strategy is directly influenced by voice search today.

    As a result, voice search patterns eventually impact your firm. How much you adjust your approach to this shifting environment helps determine whether or not this will yield positive or negative outcomes for your company.

    Voice search is on the rise, and the latest mobile-first index from Google has just been released. It bases rankings on a website’s smartphone edition rather than the laptop edition. Thanks to this technology, organisations need to adjust to the changing digital environment.

    Exact match domains and other black hat SEO techniques are no longer going to cut it. Voice search increases the user interface of search engines and offers more detailed performance. This means that if the content of your website is configured (especially for mobile use) efficiently, your organisation might be the first one recommended by a digital personal assistant.

    How Do You Measure Success For Voice Search?

    There are a variety of ways to assess your progress in voice search, but extrapolating possible voice search requests from your data is the best way.

    You will do this by recognising what questions customers are asking like “What’s my area’s closest marketing agency? “These questions frequently show a verbal request, whereas shorter, more scattered phrases such as “marketing agency close to me” normally apply to a typed query.