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    Opening The Doors For Local Customers

    There are more mobile devices than there are people in the world. Our screens provide us quick, convenient – and continual – connection as well as the ability to find answers to virtually any question we want to ask. Increasingly, though, those questions are local. More than half of all ‘on the go’ searches have local intent. What's the best restaurant in this area? Where can I find pet care services in my neighbourhood? These are today's search terms. What does this mean for your business? That you need to reach potential customers where they are: in your own geographical region. Our Local Search service can help

    Customised Digital Strategy

    Our agency offers Local Search with advanced search strategies specifically tailored to your location to ensure the right external location signals are sent as well as inbound links, on-page and social signals, and review signals to Google about the locations most relevant to your business. We use marketing channels that allow you to build a stronger local customer base.

    A Dedicated Team

    Our team of Local Search Engine Optimisation experts will work with you to build a plan that is tailored to your needs and location. From optimising inbound links, on-page, social and review signals to building comprehensive profiles in relevant local directories, we can help put your business where it belongs: at the top of the local search results – and at the top of potential customers’ minds.

    Explore Local SEO Plans

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    £1000 / month

    • check
      50 Keyphrases
    • check
      10 Pages Optimised
    • check
      4 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
    • check
      5 Local Business Directory/Citations
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    £1500 / month

    • check
      75 Keyphrases
    • check
      15 Pages Optimised
    • check
      6 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
    • check
      8 Local Business Directory/Citations
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    £3000 / month

    • check
      150 Keyphrases
    • check
      30 Pages Optimised
    • check
      12 Blogs, Content Assets, or Outreach Links per month.
    • check
      12 Local Business Directory/Citations

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    Maximising Coverage

    Local Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to connect with customers in your area. If you’re looking to get customers searching for companies nearby through your door, the single best way to do it is to optimise for local coverage.

    What is Local SEO?

    Local Search Engine Optimisation is a way to optimise your site using techniques that help customers search for nearby businesses to find you. Imagine, for a moment, you own a small accounting firm, and you’d love to connect with nearby customers. If those in the neighbourhood should search for “Accounting Firms,” with local search & optimisation, you’re more likely to appear in the results. Our Local Search strategy can help you

    Why Does My Business Need Local Search Marketing Service?

    If you want to connect with customers in your local area, this is the single best way to optimise your web presence. Reposition can help you get there. Our commitment to local search services.

    Ready to access those local customers the moment they’re ready for your agency? Contact us today for impactful local search service.

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    Enterprise website restructuring and traffic retention strategies are a specialism of our SEO Company. Hugo Boss are one of many brands we have consulted over the past 15 years. Company structures change and stakeholders need this reflected within brand strategy. If your internal marketing team needs help ensuring a restructure doesn't lead to catastrophic ranking and traffic loss then get in touch.

    Website Restructuring & Ranking/Traffic Retention

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    Funded startups are a sector we specialise in. If you have recently been funded or are looking for help working out your marketing budget for a pitch then get in touch. Purple Bricks are just one of the many startups our SEO Company has worked with. We can help with your pre-launch strategy, pre and post-launch website optimisation and digital PR.

    Funded Startups and Brand Building

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    The Benefits Of Local Search Engine Optimisation And Why Local Presence Is Important

    More than 80% of users rely on the internet for local business searches. Having your business appear in the top search results is crucial, and this can be achieved with the help of Local strategy.

    So, what is Local Search Engine Optimisation? The purpose of Local Search is to optimise your business and website for the targeted location in order to gain a local presence. The goal of this type of SEO is really to obtain rankings for local searches within a business niche.

    When a potential customer searches for businesses in the area in your niche, if you’ve optimised SEO locally, they’ll find your agency first. That makes seeking assistance with Local Search Engine Optimisation absolutely essential so you appear at the top of the rankings. 

    Local SEO Services

    What Can Local Search Engine Optimisation Do For Your Agency?

    Rank Higher For Local Search With Our Local Search Engine Optimisation

    The goal of every business owner is for their business to appear on the first page of search results when searching. This is where Local Search can help you gain visibility for your business on local grounds. If a potential customer is searching for a “near me” business, they’re more likely to find you if you’ve optimised for local searches.

    Increase Relevant Traffic

    Implementing Local Search Strategy increases relevant traffic to your website. Simply increasing traffic is not always worthwhile unless you receive the most relevant traffic. If you have a local business, in order to increase traffic and conversions, you should begin by targeting the local area first.

    Build Trust And Authority

    The majority of users do not trust businesses that they have never heard of before. It is here that Local Search can assist in resolving first-time trust issues. This is a vital part of any local agency that is opting for local search from any local Search Engine optmisation agency.

    By implementing a local optimisation strategy, you increase brand awareness to the point where users become familiar with your agency. As a result, your business is able to establish trust and authority with its customers.

    Build Local Exposure Through Local Business Listings

    Local Search Optisation can help your business get listed in the local directories. These listings will help improve your business credibility and overall brand awareness also increase.

    Boost ROI

    Working on Local Search Marketing, it will result in a long-term positive impact on the ROI of your business. By utilising Local Search strategy, you will enhance your business’s visibility and generate more sales opportunities.

    How Do You Do Local SEO From Scratch? A Step-By-Step Guide

    Forming a Local Search Engine Optimisation strategy is the only way to achieve its benefits, but how does that actually happen? Take a look.

    Step 1: Begin By Performing A Local SEO Audit

    The purpose of a Local Search Engine Optimisation audit is to gain a better understanding of the website’s current position. An audit will also provide insight into what needs to be fixed and what strategies need to be implemented to achieve better results.

    In addition to Local Search audits, a competitor analysis is also performed to help understand how the competitors are managing their local businesses.

    An in-depth Local Search Marketing audit can identify the website’s strengths and weaknesses, based on which appropriate measures can be taken to improve the ranking of the business locally.

    Step 2: Research Local Keywords To Target

    A local keyword is a search term that potential customer types into search engines like Google to find or locate a particular business or service provider. Keywords should be determined based on the type of business you operate and the location where the products or services are provided.

    You may want to target a variety of keywords. A website will become more visible if the correct keywords are identified and targeted, though, so you should always focus on keywords that have a high search volume. Different SEO tools can be used to determine the search volume.

    Step 3: Create A Google My Business Listing With Your Targeted Keyword And NAP Details

    The next step is to create a Google My Business (GMB) listing once your local business has been established.

    Make sure the listing includes your correct name, address, and phone number (or NAP). NAP details should match those on the website. All relevant attributes should be selected, including the business description, the working hours, and the business categories.

    As the GMB profile is based on local search, it is crucial to verify ownership. Customers will feel more confident about your listing if it has been verified.

    Step 4: Add The Targeted Keywords On The Web Pages

    For Local Search, the next step is to include the targeted keywords on the website pages. It is important to avoid targeting the same keywords on multiple pages at the same time.

    Every web page should be targeted with a different keyword. In addition, the content should be aligned with the keywords targeted.

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    Step 5: Create Of Local Content

    A website’s content is the key to attracting potential customers. Local Search Engine Optimisation requires the creation of local content. To attract local searches, the content should be relevant to the target areas.

    If you want your content to rank for a specific keyword search result, make sure to include the targeted keywords in it.

    Step 6: Create New Local Directories And Citations

    An effective way to get your business listed online is through local directories and business citations. Online directories provide the opportunity for businesses to post their details. 

    An overview of a business directory may include the business name, images/logo, address, telephone number, email address, website, social media links, business description, keywords, industry, services or products, and much more.

    Step 7: Ensure Consistent NAP Details Across All Platforms

    Make sure to add the NAP details precisely the same as mentioned on the website across all the platforms, whether it be GMB profiles or business listings. 

    Step 8: Add Location Pages For Physical Outlets 

    It will be helpful both for your customers and the search engines to add location pages to the website for physical outlets to attract potential customers based on their location.

    Step 9: Get Inbound Links From Relevant High Authority Websites

    Link authority will be transferred to your website when you get backlinks from high-authority websites. It is important to ensure that the links obtained come from websites that are business-related only.

    Step 10: Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

    It is possible to attract more users to your website if it is mobile-friendly. Mobile devices are more popular than desktops today, particularly when it comes to local searches.

    You should make sure that your business website has a mobile-friendly interface so that users can access it easily on their phones.

    Once all Local Search includes steps that have been taken into consideration, you should always keep a close eye on the implementation of a Local marketing strategy on a weekly basis.

    You need to make sure that the strategy is bringing in positive results. If required, necessary changes should be made to the strategy for better results.

    What Techniques Are Used To Improve Local Search Marketing

    Once the website has been optimised in accordance with the Local Search Engine Optimisation strategy, it is essential that we keep a constant eye on it in order to ensure that the strategy is working properly. 

    While not all strategies work in all cases, virtually every site needs to ensure these things are completed to optimise for local searches. 

    • Make any required changes in the title and description tags. Make sure to include the keywords.
    • Optimise the current content with the targeted keywords. Write content based on location if necessary.
    • Build backlinks to the most relevant pages. You should create backlinks for more than just your homepage. Creating quality backlinks to other pages on the website is also important.
    • Work on internal linking. For easy navigation, ensure all the website pages are interlinked.
    • Enhance your local social media presence.
    • Ask for reviews and ratings from customers.
    • Optimise for voice search.

    Consider This Local Optimiation Checklist Before Creating A Website

    In order to formulate a Local optimisation strategy & which is also included in our local SEO practice, the following checklist should be taken into consideration to ensure that all the basics are covered.

    • Whether you are targeting multiple locations or just a single location, define the location strategy for desired locations.
    • Make a contact page displaying the NAP details (name, address and phone number) of each location.
    • If your business has fewer locations, add the NAP details for all locations in the footer.
    • Make sure the email address and phone numbers are clickable for both desktop and mobile.
    • Make sure all the NAP details are consistent across the website and all the platforms wherever they are mentioned.
    • Add your business to Google My Business (GMB) listing making sure that the contact details are similar to that on the website.
    • Verify the GMB listing.
    • Update all details on GMB including the keywords, images, posts etc.
    • Your site’s contact page should be enhanced with a Google map to make certain your agency’s locations are easy to find.
    • Use structured data markup to make your local business more visible to Google.
    • Add content that focuses on the targeted keyword and the targeted location.
    • Mention the keyword and target location in all web pages’ title tags and descriptions.
    • Include videos and images of local areas to attract the content user.
    • Create verified social media accounts on all possible social media platforms.
    • Invest in tools that will help the users to get answers to their questions.
    • Add an FAQ page with all possible questions from the user’s perspective. Update it on a regular basis with trending questions on Google search for targeted keywords and locations.

    Maintain a high level of transparency. This is the key to increasing trust levels from the users’ end.

    Is Local Search Engine Optimisation Effective?

    For local businesses, yes! A Local Search campaign is effective for businesses that have a physical location or that target a particular geographic region.

    Local Search Engine Optmisation can help websites improve their visibility and rankings in local search results. Local businesses rely heavily on online traffic these days. It is possible to target this potential traffic through a Local Strategy, thus making it an effective way to target local audiences.

    Let Reposition Help You With Local SEO Package

    Our experienced team of Local Search Experts at Reposition offer professional help with Local marketing strategy. To increase your chances of ranking on Google search results, we build a customised Local optimisation strategy based on the target audience.

    Reposition continuously monitors the performance of your website once we have implemented the Local Optimisation strategy. We aim at achieving desired results for our clients with our Local Search Strategy. Contact us today!

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    Local SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

    What Exactly Is Local SEO?

    Local SEO offers an optimisation technique that focuses on one geographical area, probably the one that surrounds your business. Proximity and coordinates play a major role in optimising a Local SEO campaign.

    What’s The Difference Between Your SEO And Local SEO Service?

    SEO, or Organic Search, is the process of ranking the website on the SERPs results with non-paid listings. There are different types of strategies including on-site and off-site options that make it possible for any website to rank on Google Search results.
    Local SEO service, though, includes a strategy to rank your business within a physical location. It primarily targets a nearby audience for your business.

    What Are The Benefits Of Local SEO?

    If you have a Google My Business listing for your local business, Local SEO service helps to enhance the visibility of your website with long-tail keywords. You can get a higher conversion rate from potential customers in your area thanks to Local SEO.

    How Does Local SEO Work?

    Local SEO service can drive three major changes in the way you’re currently doing business: your Google My Business listing, your website citation, and your website pages. At Reposition, we address all of them.

    What Is A Citation And Why Is It Important?

    Your website citation includes the name of your business, the address and the phone number. To create a successful local SEOplan, the information must remain consistent throughout all the paid and non-paid directory listings. This is why we offer premium local SEO with 100% local website optimisation and audit.