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How To Use AI SEO For Improved Website Rankings

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    By Hitesh
    March 9, 2023
    ~ 3 minutes to read
    Hitesh is a digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, start-ups, branding, and customer acquisition strategies. Hitesh is the CEO and Founder of Reposition Group, which specialises in digital growth strategies.

    How To Use AI SEO For Improved Website Rankings?

    The purpose of introducing AI was to automate the time-consuming, tedious and laborious tasks humans completed in the most efficient and speedy way. Nevertheless, you don’t have to panic. A lot of things can be simplified by artificial intelligence. All you have to do is use it correctly.

    What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that brings together robust datasets and computer science for problem-solving. Machines and intelligent applications can be built with AI that accomplishes human tasks to the best of their abilities.

    AI technology requires multiple approaches and a profound understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and other upcoming technologies to be able to come up with something that can perform like a human.

    How To Use AI SEO

    Here’s how AI SEO can help to improve the performance of your website.

    Step 1: AI SEO to Identify the Content Topics

    The importance of content from an SEO perspective is well known. Even more important is finding the right topic for the content because content that is not read won’t have any value.

    Your website can benefit from AI by identifying trending or most searched content topics or ideas. It even identifies the contents on your competitors’ websites that are missing from your own.

    Step 2: AI SEO for Keyword Research

    According to SEO experts, keywords play an important role in a website’s ranking on the first page of search engines. Keyword research tools based on artificial intelligence are widely available online for doing keyword research.

    Artificial intelligence can certainly reduce your research time and find the most appropriate keywords for your website. Consider the best keywords that you think will prove beneficial, and use those keywords on your website.

    Step 3: AI SEO for Voice Search

    We are now well aware of the fact that voice search is taking over the traditional ‘text type’ search. Voice search requires to use of multiple technologies to be able to understand the language at different levels and in different languages.

    AI can be utilised for identifying long-tail keywords and understanding the language based on geographical locations.

    Step 4: AI SEO for Creating and Optimising Content

    ChatGPT is now well-known to all of us! AI content creation was revolutionised by it. Artificial intelligence tools can generate content in response to questions entered by users. In the SEO field, AI can also be used to optimise the content already present on the website.

    The content of a page can be used to generate meta tags using artificial intelligence tools. AI tools can even suggest keyword repetitions in existing content.

    Step 5: AI SEO to Optimise Mobile

    The use of mobile devices for day-to-day activities is higher than that of desktops. Most households have more than one mobile device. Optimising a website or business for mobile is crucial to generating the best results.

    Here’s where AI can help. With artificial intelligence, the mobile version of the website can be optimised to meet the needs of mobile users. In order to enhance the performance of a website, data can be collected about how users view individual websites and changes can be made to meet the expectations.

    Step 6: AI SEO to Improve User Experience (UX)

    In SEO, user experience (UX) is a very important factor. A user’s expectations must be met, no matter what. As we are all aware, search engines such as Google are utilising artificial intelligence to make their search results more human-like.

    The use of AI can improve the user experience by providing search engine results that are relevant, user-friendly, and have a proper design and structure.

    AI and SEO

    Almost all fields in the world are being dominated by artificial intelligence. Search results from Google are based on user preferences, past searches, location, and much more thanks to artificial intelligence.

    Nearly all search engines use artificial intelligence. This includes Google as well. AI is a powerful tool for boosting SEO, but it must first be understood. The analysis of data is the most critical step in forming SEO strategies.

    In data analysis, artificial intelligence provides quick and accurate results with the help of AI SEO.

    Artificial intelligence and search engine optimisation now go hand in hand for more accurate and efficient results. You can write content, analyse keywords and content gaps, search for trending topics, and much more. All of this can be accomplished at a faster pace with the help of AI.

    SEO will be transformed by artificial intelligence. There is an increasing number of AI tools being developed to meet the needs of SEO companies.

    One of the keys to success lies in the ability to use AI to its full potential. Just remember, AI is a blessing and not a threat. Embrace it to become more successful. 

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