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As nearly half of all ecommerce sales happen on Amazon, your business should consider using Amazon’s own advertising tools if you are committed to boosting your ecommerce sales. Success on Amazon depends on a wide variety of factors. In the UK alone, there are more than 37 million visitors to the site each month, so clearly generating traffic isn’t a concern – the issue for most businesses is being seen. Over the last few years’ product visibility on Amazon has become increasingly problematic, this is because millions of sellers are battling for exposure on a very limited screen space. For many brands and retailers the methods used to increase their visibility on Amazon are very simple. To implement advanced Amazon Advertising Strategies and also great product content. Selling your products on Amazon opens up an enormous opportunity for businesses of any size or reputation, so get in touch today and our team of Amazon PPC Ads specialists can help you complete more orders and boost your profits.

What Amazon Advertising Services Do We offer?

Elements of a Well-Run Amazon Advertising Account

1. Clear Goals – When setting up a new advertising campaign, it is very important to determine what you want to get out of it. Setting clear goals will vary from business to business as each will have their own business needs, so make sure this is done first so you know what your end goal is.

2. Useful Reporting – What good is doing all the hard work if you can’t drive actionable insights? So when you set up campaigns, make sure they are named in way that gives you valuable takeaways.

3. Utilisation of all Ad Types – One of the ways to give your business an enhanced chance of success is to utilise all of the advertising options available on Amazon. Each ad type has different strategies, reports and conversion rates, so it is very important to understand what works best for your businesses unique needs.

We Will Work Directly With Your Company To:

• Establish realistic achievable goals based on your own personal needs and budget

• Create targeted keywords and smart bids for best results

• Show you how different budgets will yield certain results

• Bring more valuable traffic to your sites by testing campaigns in real time

• Give you a better understanding of how and why your competitors are successful in some areas and less so in others

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