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Build it and they will come? Forget it. It was a line in a movie long before the internet boom burst through the corporate world. Building the website is not nearly enough. If you want to gain business from your online presence, you better be prepared to invest time and, yes, some money too, to ensure that people find your site and, when they do, they make the purchase.

Testing… Testing… It should never stop. Website creation is not a one-time expense. There is no such thing and building the perfect page, and there is no such thing as being done with your website. The internet is always evolving. The search engines are always updating. Consumers are always looking for the next best thing. If you are stagnant, then you will be left behind. Increase your chance of high conversion rates, with regularly testing. Create two versions of the same landing page and see which is better at turning a visit into a sale. With landing pages, there are several variables that can be addressed, including the headline, the call to action, the amount of requested information on a registration form, and, of course, the colour palette.

Ask it? No. Demand it! Don’t be afraid to tell people what you want them to do when they find your website. Calls to action should not be passive. They should not be buried. They should be obvious, bold, and forceful. Very few people are willing to hunt for a ‘buy’ button.

No Pop Quizzes Please! Furthermore, be clear in your objective. Don’t ask a person to fill out fourteen different fields, if you don’t intend to use that information for his or her benefit. While some data can help you customize the website experience for the visitor, too many questions are likely to turn him or her away. Collect only what you need to present the right product to the right person, and convert it to a sale.

A better conversion rate means a higher return on your investment and a better bottom line. Be sure that you are getting people to your site and offering them just what they need to be enticed to buy.

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